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Best Private Villa with Classic Design in Bali

07 May 2013 by Admin
For local and foreign artist, Bali is a spring of inspiration. A source of idea is unlimited to be explored. A peaceful place is where those artists can create some works to show their productivity and existence. Every place in Bali is the symbol of art. That essence can be seen through local life activity, which is more involving the art activity into their life. Dance, paint, music, and statue are prestigious works that born from aesthetic thought with brilliant execution. The art activity in Bali cannot be separated by local tradition and Bali nature. Both elements bring such a great inspiration to create unique and meaningful works for them.
villa taman ahimsa
Because of the art itself, Bali can reach the unique character of architecture. Bali has authentic design and architecture, which is emphasizing complicated details and ornament. Those ornaments have meaning of philosophy. The shape of building, texture and domination of wall sculpture are essential components that build the characteristic of Bali design. Traditionally, Bali design loves to play with color and material. Some material is originally from its nature; it will give such the nature perspective into building. Balinese use 'alang-alang' to create rooftop and natural stone to build unique wall.
This typical Bali design can be survive until nowadays, even the urban minimalist style try to invade it. However, the classic design of Bali always lives in Bali itself. Mostly, all buildings, even house and business building keep this classic style. It always becomes unique attraction for tourist to enjoy Bali. Some villas in Bali also get inspiration from the classic style of Bali design. It isn't almost difficult to find a place to stay in Bali that impressing classic style. Some villa in Bali loves to adopt this style, in order that to attract more tourists to come.
Some of best villa in Bali are designed by classic style that optimizing Balinese traditional style and the beauty of Bali nature as one package of architecture. Many villas in Ubud show their interesting about Balinese classic design by keeping all traditional ornaments, sculpture and also Balinese atmosphere. Many villas entrust Balinese artisan to create classic design into villa building. Their hands have magical experience in blending all traditional elements to be one package of unique design. No wonder about the structure and foundation is truly enchanting.
villa sati
In some area of Seminyak and Sanur is also keeping the ultimate of Balinese classic design. It's not only about the entire architecture, but also almost the interior concept. Natural furniture and modern stuff fulfill every room with incredible performances. Some villa has beachfront view concept but still concern to bring classic design. Without classic design, those villas in Bali won't be attractive. Most of tourist does not need to see sophisticated concept of urban modern minimalist style, but they would like to see Bali closely by its traditional essence. Nusa Dua and Kuta start to adopt classic design dominantly into their building, even the modern touch still has involve.
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