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The Lastari Spa are offers guests to have Spa treatments in Villa with on call system, it is provided by the professionally trained staff. The body treatments programs provide therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating experiences using natural products to enhance well being and reduce stress.

The Lastari Spa are offers a choice of aromatic massage fragrances: harmonizing and balancing lavender, refreshing, stimulating lemon and orange, or relaxing, soothing ylang ylang flower oils.

Please let us know if you prefer:
* A male or female therapist
* Strong, medium or light pressure


Traditional Massage
Our traditional massage are combined of Balinese technique, Javanese, Shiatsu and Chinese foot reflexology to leave your feeling entirely rejuvenated.
Price at USD 15.00/one hour

Shiatsu Massage
Massage working with yoga stretches and strong massage to relieve stress tension,omitting stiff muscle and tired.
Price at USD 16.00/one hour

Foot Massage
Foot reflexology massage is exellent way to invigrorate tired feet and salutbrious.
Price at USD 13/one hour

Aroma Therapy Massage
Foot reflexology flower aroma and essential oils is exellent to aching muscle stimulates blood circulation, refreshing and relaxing the body.
Price at USD 17.00/one hour

Tension Relief
Our therapist are trained to omitting tired, relieve tension, stress and to restore power
Price at USD 15.00/ one hour

Lulur Scrub
Lulur scrub from natural herbs spice is involves: mace, cloves and rice to clearing skin,
eliminate microbe to the body.
Price at USD 16.00/one hour

Traditional Creambath
Traditional massage technique involves: melon, avocado, aloe vera, special for type hair
to stop dandruff, prevent hair loss, help to improve blood circulation very dry hair, moisturizer, give shines refreshing and relaxing.
Price at USD 16.00/one hour

Balinese Boreh
Balinese boreh from natural ingredients involves: black pepper, ginger, ginger root, nutmeg,cloves, mace to warm your body, stimulate bloody circulation, aching muscle, omitting toxin and rachitis.
Price at USD 17.00/one hour

Tradional Facial
Sari Ayu facial massage using essence of rose, ylang-ylang, extract apple, avocado, and lemon to cleaning skin of the face.
Price at USD 12.00/one hour

Sea Salt Scrub
Scrubbing with sea salt to omitting stiff muscle, tired, foot smell, and prevent infection skin.
Price at USD 16.00/one hour

Price at USD 10.00

Price at USD 15.00


Spa Package I / 2 hours
- Traditional Massage
- Manicure Coloring
- Pedicure Coloring
Price at USD 39.00

Spa Package II / 2 hours
- Aroma Therapy Massage
- Body Scrub
- Flower Bath
Price at USD 29.00

Spa Package III / 2 hours
- Traditional Massage
- Balinese Boreh
- Flower Bath
Price at USD 29.00

Spa Package IV / 2.5 hours
- Traditional Massage
- Body Scrub
- Milk Bath
- Facial
- Flower Bath
Price at USD 40.00

Spa Package V / 2 hours
- Aroma Therapy Massage
- Facial
- Pedicure
Price at USD 40.00

All price above are inclusive  government tax and service charge

We do hope this treatments can make your holiday more comfort,fresh and from our happy and confident staff can do best for your relaxing, rejuvenating and superb value for money!

Enjoy your stay in a private villa on Bali.

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