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Sanur Village Festival 2012: Sanur Have to Develop its Characteristics

Sanur Village Festival 2012Sanur needs to be a pioneer to develop the tourism in accordance with the characteristics of the local community, not follow the desires of the market. The former Minister of Culture and Tourism I Gede Ardika said this while giving a speech at the opening of Sanur Village Festival VII, Wednesday (09/26/2012) night. He also hoped that the solid Sanur should keep maintain the cultural arts and heritage and capable to face the future and not have to giddy at the crossroads.

According Ardika, this seaside village that has been shown to preserve the identity and cultural values ​​and inspired by Hinduism community in the running activities including tourism industry.

He cautioned all parties dare remind businesses to keep the spirit of Bali tourism, ie, do not just do business only in Bali but also do what is best for this island. He also praised the Sanur Village Festival is an independent activity to promote the arts by presenting local arts and cultures. (more…)

Gianyar Prepare a New Hotel Regulation

Gianyar regency government prepares legislation regent (perbup) relating to the development of environmentally hotel (green hotel). With that regulation, hotel development in Bali will be oriented in environment. It is also will be be applied at all existing hotel.

Gianyar Regent Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana confirmed with green hotel regulation Gianyar regency will be more selective in accepting investment in hotel development.

“The point is how do we build a green hotel, the new must be entered on the rule, which is of course when they renew existing licenses will be subject to the rules, if only green hotel may be very bombastic discourse only once, we have started to describe how the use of energy , how later on waste, will be related in a single package in the issuance of permits “explained Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Ubud.

Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana add in that regulation will also be set out the role of society in controlling the development of hotels in Gianyar regency.

Source: beritabali.com

Indonesia Want The Visit of Japanese Tourists to Get Increasing

The Indonesian government wanted to attract more tourists from Japan. In addition to promotion, the Government of Indonesia actively cooperated with the government and the private sector of Japan.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu to lead the Indonesian delegation attended a series of meetings and exhibitions.

An important agenda in Japan is Indonesia’s participation in the exhibition Japan Association of Travel Agents 2012. It is the 12th time Indonesia participated since the event was held. The event was attended by at least 150 countries. Indonesia sent 30 Indonesian tourism businesses. (more…)

Lovina Beach is No Longer as The Destination of Sail Indonesia 2012

Lovina YatchLovina beach, Buleleng regency, Bali, is no longer to be one of Sail Indonesia 2012 destination because the contract with the organizers ended in 2011.

“In addition to expired contracts with Yayasan Cinta Indonesia as an organizer. We also did not get the allocation the implementation of the budget,” said Head of Culture and Tourism of Buleleng, Singaraja Jro Ketut Warkadea on Thursday (20/09/2012).

For three consecutive years, Lovina Beach became one of the participants of Sail Indonesia yatch rally from Darwin, Australia, to some beaches and harbors in Indonesia.

Despite failing to be objective Sail Indonesia participants, we will invite Yayasan Cinta Indonesia for Lovina Festival held in mid-October. (more…)

Sanur Villa Festival 2012: Sanur Was Chosen as a Strategic Tourism Area

Sanur Village FestivalMinistry of Tourism and Creative Economy chose the village of Sanur Bali become one of the development planning research of the national tourism strategic areas.

“There are five areas that selected. They are Sanur, Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi), Komodo Islands (Nusa Tenggara), Toraja (South Sulawesi), and Bromo (East Java),” said Chairman of the Sanur Development Foundation (YPS), Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra in Denpasar, Tuesday (09/18/2012).

One consideration of the election of Sanur is that region is capable tp promote the tourism potential independently and sustainable. One way is through the Sanur Village Festival (SVF).

The development plan was submitted by Tourism Program Planning Advisor Kemenparekraf Cokorda Istri Dewi, recently. The Foundation was asked to prepare a number of requirements are necessary as a study program. (more…)

Bali Traffic Congestion is a Small Part of Tourism Issues in Bali

Bali Traffic CongestionBali traffic congestion is only one of the six issues of tourism in Bali. According to research released by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) in collaboration with various institutions abroad in the year 2011, there were six problems faced in the field of tourism in Bali.

“After the traffic, infrastructure issues. The Balinese feel to compete with tourists in the utilization of the infrastructure, “said Head of the Resources Development Parekraf, I Gde Pitana, the Conference of Tourism Sustainable Development, in Tuban, Bali.

Another issue is the preservation of natural resources and preservation of culture. Pitana reveal the Balinese began to feel the problem in terms of cultural preservation. (more…)

Tourism in Bali Should Not Focus in Only One Area

Tourism in Bali is concentrated mainly in the southern regions of Bali. Whereas the northern area has a capacity that is still adequate. This was revealed by Tourism Planning Expert, Myra P Gunawan.

“But there is only one entrance which is through the airport. If we had an international conference, the situation will be really crowded, it’s remembering past events, “said Myra, during a press conference on Sustainable Development of Tourism, at Kuta, Denpasar, Bali, on Thursday (09/13/2012).

In the end, he added, because the density of the ongoing international conference disturb tourists and locals comunity. However, it’s okay to held an international conference, but it should be adequate. (more…)

Bali Governor: Now Bali Called The Island of Love

Vice President Boediono commend the tourism marketing strategy of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika in front of about 1,000 attendees to the World LPG Forum-25 in Nusa Dua, Badung regency, on Wednesday (12/09/2012).

In the opening speech of “World LP Gas Forum”, the Vice President called Pastika as “fantastic salesman governor” or governor is a fantastic or great sales. The statement was made boisterous applause of the participants forum.

Before the vice president giving his speech, the Governor gave a welcome to the forum participants as he invited the participants for a longer stay on the island. (more…)

Karangasem Developing The Town of Heritage Concept

Department of Culture and Tourism of Karangasem regency to develop the town of heritage concept, following the Bali provincial government policy that directs tourists to the east and north of Bali.

Taman Ujung Karangasem“The team from the Ministry of Public Works is also very supportive of our concept because it was stored in our region a unique and beautiful cultural tourism potential” said Chief Disbudpar Karangasem, I Wayan Purna in Denpasar, on Monday (10/09/2012).

He felt confident that the completion of the construction of Tanah Ampo Port as a transit cruise ship from overseas to increase tourist visits in the eastern island of Bali.

Coupled with the support of the central government and the provincial government of Bali on the continuation of construction of the road project from Ida Bagus Mantra until Amlapura as capital of Karangasem regency. (more…)

The Tourism Industries in Bali is Less Using Local Agricultural Product

The local farmers complained about the behavior of tourism industry in Bali which are less absorbing local Balinese agriculture. Farmers in Bali said the tourism industry assess of local agricultural prices are too expensive so they would like to buy imported agricultural products are cheaper though with low quality.

“The reason is the lack of continuity, volume, and quality. This is a no sense reason because all these things can be setted according to the agreement, because of technology and adequate of human resources,” said Chairman of HKTI Bali, Nyoman Suparta, in the Office of Bali Tourism Board Denpasar, Tuesday (09/04/2012). (more…)