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Some Important Things When you Stay in a Bali Villa

When you are on a holiday in Bali Villa, almost a quarter hours in the day was spent in the villa. You certainly want to get a good impression while staying at the villa.

However, adverse events were sometimes unavoidable. Either classic or luxury Bali villas be your choice, a bad experience can occur anytime. To avoid the unpleasant impressions while staying at the villa, follow some important things below:

Bali VillaSecurity. Make it a habit to lock your room even you are staying in a high class luxury villa. Two layers of security are better than just one layer.

Separate your key with other omportant items or don’t put it into the wallet. Also, do not mention your room number to anyone else or call it out loud. Make your room number a secret.

Use the storage box (safe deposit box) with a safety lock to store your valuable things. Do not put valuables on the table or bed.

Cleanliness. When you enter the room for the first time, the room was generally clean and tidy. However, do not forget the workers who clean the rooms are so busy that sometimes forget some things.

A study conducted in the United States and published in the American Society for Microbiology in June 2012, revealed that the light switches and TV remote are two things that many contaminated by bacteria.

Therefore, you should first wash the television remote and light switch with wet wipes. As well as some points such as doorknobs and telephones. Wash the cups are available in the room prior to use, and any other cutleries.

Check the room. Have you found the room’s AC at the villa is not cold? Well, if this happens, you should check immediately after you enter the room.

Check whether the air conditioning worked, toilet and shower in the bathroom can be used, as well as television can work well. Lights and telephones are also things you need to check.

Free facilities. Be sure whether the hotel has free internet facility. Trivial things like the internet is often forgotten.

In fact, now internet has become a necessity. However, many hotels and villas even though still charge their guest for the internet connection. Find a villa that do provide free internet. Unless you actually do not intentionally look for hotels that have Internet access.

Also make sure you always get bottled water to drink for free every day. There are some villas do not provide free mineral water. Neither coffee and tea are usually available in the room.

Do not be stingy. Get used to give a tip to the villa’s staffs. Starting from the driver until the housekeeper who cleans your room.

In addition to leaving a good impression on you, it is useful to keep in touch. Especially if you stay more than a night or would often stay at the villa.

Give a tip ranging from IDR10.000 depending on your budget. If staying in a five-star hotel, then give a tip every day, because the officers who take care of your room is usually changed every day.

Breakfast. Breakfast is usually available from 6 am to 10am. Check wether the villa provide breakfast for free or you have to charged additional cost for the breakfast.

Responsibility of the villa. Missing items while staying? Demanded accountability from the villa. Minimum you should look at CCTV footage.

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