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Nusa Dua Villas: Reasons Why You Consider Them

As always, Bali is an endless experience. From its outer shore to the most inland areas, the island offers curious places. Even at the shore, the island is not yet fully explored. Nusa Dua is the area where new attractions are being developed, making use both the natural as well as the managerial factors to create a new area worth visiting. As the area is developed as an exclusive area, one can expect to find Nusa Dua villas, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and other tourist spots of the highest class. In short, the area is the most idealistic place in terms of exclusive traveling.

Nusa Dua VillasThe business side of the hospitality industry indeed makes use of the special natural environment of the area. The main attraction is of course Geger Beach, a white sandy beach characteristic of the island of the beach. Due to its location, at the southeast part of the southern region of the island, it does not offer iconic sunset view but daily sunrise view, which is as the same stunning natural phenomena as the sunset view at the western coast. In the morning, you get the bonus in the form of breathtaking view of the mountain peaks at the east when the sky is clear.

Geger Beach fulfills your imagination of an ideal tropical beach. The white sand is smooth and clean, free of the wastes that is becoming a constant problem at the southwestern beaches. The water is also clean and the waves gentle enough so that even children can swim safely. Thus you can expect to sunbath a whole day long amidst such tranquil environment. There are no hawkers to disturb you with your lounging. The sea breeze will lull you to sleep or to dream about anything that you wish, without any unwanted intervention from outsiders.

If lazing around is not your whole plan, then you should go a little to the east. Serangan Beach is your next destination for a traveling. One can visit the holy Turtle Temple where the local offer their offerings and prayers. The temple is also unique as it is named after the turtle. In fact, local people take care of the sea turtle eggs until they hatch and then release the turtle babies to the sea. This act is considered holy. After such cultural walking, you may want to go back to the water. Watersports are available at Benoa Harbor a little to the east.

There are many kinds of watersports available at the harbor. You can expect to play jet ski, banana boat, and many more. As the operators in the area have set their prices according to some agreement, the difference in the rates is not too big. So, basically it is the same service with all operators. But probably the most challenging experience is fishing in the sea. You rent a traditional boat from a local fishermen, go to the sea to fish with him, and sell your catches to him or you can take them home.

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