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Ubud Sojourn: Traditional Art Market

It is only logical that at an art center with international reputation like Ubud we find a market that has art as its focus. Indeed, in Ubud we have Ubud Traditional Art Market. This is indeed a market just like any other traditional market in the world, but the commodities here are art focused, such as brushes, paint, canvas, scaffold and as such. Painters and landscapers surely will find this place a heaven. Located at the very heart of the area, not too far away from famous Ubud villas, this market is a must visit spot for travellers to Bali.

Ubud Art Market


The market is divided into two broader sub-market, or concentration. Products of traditional art are displayed, offered and sold at the westernside. Meanwhile, materials and tools for the creation of the art works are sold at the eastern side. This is only a rough division as actually the commodities can be inter-exchanged. For passionate artists, this market can be a pleasant place for walking for the whole day. In general, stores and stalls in this spot usually open from around six o’clock in the morning and close on six in the evening. Some merchants even still open their stores through the night.

Just like in any other traditional market in Indonesia and Bali, transaction is fully manual. In other words, bargain is only possible. A potential buyer can offer a bargain for some things that are offered by a stall. The seller will be gladly involved in the negotiation process. That is why it is wise to explore some stores and stalls to find out the general price rates among the sellers. Moreover, a foreign traveller may find that the price rates are higher for them. The proper price rates can be difficult to determine. That is why an average for price rates will be necessary.

ubur art marketActually, the actual price tags for commodities sold at Ubud traditional art market is very cheap, whether you count it using Indonesian rupiah, Australian dollar or any other currency. The seller, of course, needs to gain some benefit from the commodities. A seasoned buyer, even if he or she is a foreign traveller, can win the bargain if he or she has acquired the knowlegde about the proper price for a definite thing. For example, a rattan bag for woman can be offered at a high rate of five dollars, which a novice buyer will think cheap enough.

But a seasoned buyer, with sufficient knowledge over price rates and quality of the same commodity, can offer a bargain as low as two dollars for that rattan bag. This is because that rattan bag may be bought as a wholesale for only one dollars from the producer. If you are giving up on five dollars, which you no doubt will consider cheap enough, you will give the seller a benefit of four dollars. Save more of your money and give the seller two or two and a half dollars, and you can buy many more things in this lively market.

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