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Sanur: Tropical Sunrise and Cultural Wonder

As a matter of fact, Sanur is a general name that refers to a village which area contains a long line of beaches at the southeastern part of Bali’s southern region. Officially, the village is a part of Denpasar Selatan District, City of Denpasar. However, due to the concentrated tourism facilities, most people will associate Sanur only with Sanur Beach while actually there are several beaches when the people mention Sanur in the conversation. Those beaches are, among others, Sindu Beach and Matahari Terbit Beach. However, indeed those beaches share similar characteristics that make local and tourists keep visiting them.

Sanur Sunrise

First to mention is of course the white sandy beach and the gentle waves of the beaches. Local authority had developed wave breakers in the recent years which add to the attraction of those beaches. Now, in Sanur, for example, one can sit on the tip of each wave breakers as there is an open pavilion, or bale, with direct views to the sea. Enjoying the sea breeze is pleasant in such bale. But for local families and tourists, playing in the water is more compelling. During weekends, one can see many children swim and play on the beaches. (more…)

Enjoying Nusa Dua Optimally

Nusa Dua is not a new destination at the Island of the Gods. Most of its parts are indeed artificial but it does not mean that the arrangement does not leave some natural environment intact. The most noticeable natural setting left untouched is the white sandy Geger Beach. This is a tranquil beach that is open to public. Other beaches are actually also available but they are usually owned by private Nusa Dua villas and hotels. That is why the first suggestion to make when a traveler goes to this area is that he or she should stay at one of those exclusive accommodation places. (more…)

Some Important Things When you Stay in a Bali Villa

When you are on a holiday in Bali Villa, almost a quarter hours in the day was spent in the villa. You certainly want to get a good impression while staying at the villa.

However, adverse events were sometimes unavoidable. Either classic or luxury Bali villas be your choice, a bad experience can occur anytime. To avoid the unpleasant impressions while staying at the villa, follow some important things below: (more…)

Jimbaran Bay and Its Enjoyment

Let us in brief describe how is Jimbaran would looked like for an average who is on her first time in Bali. Jimbaran is a small bay at the southwestern part of the Paradise Island, with white sandy beach and gentle water, and a long line of fine seafood restaurants at the coast. This brief description is evidently sufficient with the real place, albeit omitting one factor. The area is also the very place where the best accommodation places is available. (more…)

Possibilities for Sanur Enjoyment

Sanur BeachSanur Beach is probably an iconic name that most travelers will easily associated with the Paradise Island. Actually, this is not the only beach at the area called Sanur. There are some other beaches, like Sindu Beach, which is located at the southern part of the island and in the same coastline with the well-known beach. So, the possibilities for beach enjoyment is actually plenty at Sanur area. Some of the beaches, however, have been marked as private beaches so public cannot get into them. But the public beaches are obviously sufficient for beach lover, especially those with sunrise view in mind. (more…)

Nusa Dua Villas: Reasons Why You Consider Them

As always, Bali is an endless experience. From its outer shore to the most inland areas, the island offers curious places. Even at the shore, the island is not yet fully explored. Nusa Dua is the area where new attractions are being developed, making use both the natural as well as the managerial factors to create a new area worth visiting. As the area is developed as an exclusive area, one can expect to find Nusa Dua villas, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and other tourist spots of the highest class. In short, the area is the most idealistic place in terms of exclusive traveling. (more…)

Quiet Environment, Ideal Retreat: Nusa Dua

Bali villas of high-end category are springing up in Nusa Dua area. They are the sure sign that the place is indeed becoming a destination for tourists, a worthy alternative for Kuta, Legian dan Seminyak. However, it has to be noted that this area is indeed designed to be a high-end destination. So, one should not expect of youth liveliness here. Instead, the area is more like a cell for retreat due to its environment and management. Nusa Dua is actually two smaller islands south of the mainland. They are separated by a narrow strip of sea from the mainland.

So narrow is the strait that one can swim in it to get to the islands. However, the most remarkable feature of the area is probably its quiet, white sand beach. Geger Beach indeed offers much quieter atmosphere than Kuta and other beaches to the north. Nightlife is, if any, rare. But travelers with privacy and luxury in mind, and in turn total relaxation, will find the area pleasant. No wonder that even the government of Indonesia holds most of its regional and international events here, such as the ASEAN conference in 2011. Thus, in terms of place to say, there are only high-end places here. (more…)

Some Options of Place to Stay in Jimbaran

As the beach of Jimbaran indeed provides worthy attraction, it is no wonder that some villas in Bali have been available in the area for some times. Travelers can find here almost any kind of accommodations, from guest houses, home stays, hotels and villas. Most of Jimbaran villas are set up in the area around the village but some places are perched on the cliff at the southern part of the bay. Wherever the position is, the goal of staying closer to this beautiful beach is of course to have the faster and easier access toward the beach itself. (more…)

Jimbaran: Most Memorable, Romantic Sunset Viewing

Not too far away from the famous, lively Kuta Beach, in less than 30 minutes, we can find Jimbaran Beach. In 1970s, this beach is still a tiny village, a backwater where the local fisherman sold their fish at the traditional fish market. The fish market is still exist now, stands intact a little to the south of the present stretch of Jimbaran Beach. But now, it is not the busy fishermen that go in and out of the beach, but tourists, domestic and foreign. Most of them are drawn by the romantic atmosphere of the seafood restaurants and of course the breathtaking sunset view. (more…)

Beach Tourism in Bali: Dreamland

This beach is located at the southern part of the Island of the Gods, more precisely at Pecatu area, which is a part of a larger region called Uluwatu or popularly called the Bukit Peninsula. Dreamland Beach is one of the five beaches that have just been opened for public in Uluwatu region. The other beaches are Suluban, Balangan, Bingin and Padang-padang. A more famous beach is located at the north of this beach, namely Jimbaran Beach, which is famous for its seafood restaurants. Dreamland has its own uniqueness that makes it is called The Next Kuta Beach. (more…)